This lil hack really helps when using Git cli. Basically the script will auto-detect if you are in a git repository, display the current branch as well as different colors depending on the status.

You will need to put this in your .bash_profile (these are Mac OS X specific instructions, not sure how to do it on a Windows box, on a *nix box- you should be able to use .bashrc)

source ~/
source ~/

PROMPT_COMMAND='__git_ps1 "\u@\h:\w" "\\\$ "'

You will need to copy git-completion.bash to and to in your home directory.

You can get it here

While working on a project, I had left my computer on to go grab some dinner and when I came back, I attempted to use the Rectangular Marquee Tool, but all I could see was a hand. I tried switching tools, for some reason I was still able to lay down guides, but I couldn’t move them, closing/re-opening the file, restarting the application, and then I finally searched online and found the solution.

Try changing the workspace from the Window menu. I changed it to “Essential” and that brought back all my functionality