so lately Apple has been blocking the java plugin, this is due to some of those crazy java exploits out there. but for those that NEED to have Safari work with the java plugin, here is a little hack that fixes that.

Apple writes out to a file in:

to block minimum java plugin versions. I attempted to use the one provided by Oracle, but still had issues, so to temporary hack is to change the version.

here is a script that does that (must run as sudo):


echo "default is java version:"


if [ -n "$1" ]; then

echo "search for: $JPLUGIN_VERSION"

#cd /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources
cp XProtect.meta.plist XProtect.meta.plist.bak
sed 's/$JPLUGIN_VERSION/$JPLUGIN_NEW_VERSION/g' XProtect.meta.plist.bak > XProtect.meta.plist

echo "modified to: $JPLUGIN_NEW_VERSION"

download here:


$ sudo ./

$ sudo ./

Recently on my Macbook Pro, Vuze kept prompting me to update, but for some reason halfway through the install it would say:

Could not create this file. Should I try again.

I had to search around and thought that it might be a permissions issue kinda like Windows where you run as Administrator. I also thought it was odd that it never asked me for my username/password.

Long story short, to make sure that it updates, you must delete that folder, I used console to delete it.

sudo rm -R .install4j/