I bought the MustangAV SC-E106D169 (a motorized 16:9 106″ screen) a while back, and when I moved I forgot to pack my remote, So I had to buy a new one.

the model number is SC-REMOTE-RF and can be found at for around $35.99

Once I received the product, there was no instructions on how to sync the remote, as well as calling support on the site usually resulted in an answering machine.

Couple things I learned:
1. MustangAV is sold by Stampede which is located in Amherst, NY (which means they work EST hours)
Stampede Headquarters
55 Woodridge Drive Amherst, NY 14228
Tel: +1 800.398.5652 (Toll free)

2. MustangAV’s support number 866-395-0370 probably gets redirected to Stampede
3. Email and voice mail messages don’t seem effective, best to get a hold of Tom (MustangAV support guy), if possible.

Syncing instructions
After many calls and emails, I was finally able to reach Tom. He was able to send me the syncing instructions, which I will include here, because I could not find them on Google either. Hopefully Google indexes this site and will pick it up.

I’ve included the text here:
1. PRESS and HOLD the upper and center buttons of the RECEIVER together simultaneously until the green LED
indicator light begins to flash.
2. When the green LED indicator light flashes, press the upper button located on the SC-REMOTE-RF (transmitter) and hold until the signal is recognized.
3. The SC-REMOTE-RF has now been reset and synchronized with the receiver. You should now be able to control the operation of the projection screen.