Vuze Update Mac OS X 10.6

Recently on my Macbook Pro, Vuze kept prompting me to update, but for some reason halfway through the install it would say:

Could not create this file. Should I try again.

I had to search around and thought that it might be a permissions issue kinda like Windows where you run as Administrator. I also thought it was odd that it never asked me for my username/password.

Long story short, to make sure that it updates, you must delete that folder, I used console to delete it.

sudo rm -R .install4j/

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  1. Hi Greg

    A support guy from Vuze found your fix as I have had the exact smae problem. I am sadly not technical and need a bit more help in finding the right file to delete. I had never even heard of Console before!

    If you have any chance of dropping me a mail I would be completely delighted. I am living in Abu Dhabi and the TV is beyond hope…..



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