Troubleshooting the Syma 107G

Recently I purchased the Syma S107G mini helicopter for $27.25 (helicopter). Its a very nice lil helicopter that holds its charge for about 6-7 minutes and has some pretty intricate parts. Unfortunately when you crash it a bunch of times as a newbie, it will start acting funny. Here are some ways to troubleshoot this guy.

Helicopter seems to fly, but flies in a slow circle

First thing to check is the connect buckets – see if they are connected from the balance bar to the main rotor assembly.

Helicopter lifts off ok, but immediately the blades seem to collide like it got shot out of the sky

First check the connect buckets, if they are connected then the second thing to do is to check the main rotor assembly. On the rotors below the balance bar, there is a “t” shaped connector that exists on the same plane as the rotors. Most likely those pins have broken off. In the picture below its the 3rd horizontal cross. From top to bottom, the first horizontal cross holds the balance bar, the second horizontal cross attaches the rotor assembly to the main rotor shaft with 2 screws, and the third cross contains the rotor blades.

I actually fixed it one time, by super gluing the pins back on, but you have to be pretty accurate, easier to just buy the replacement parts. I found them on amazon prime for $10.88 (replacement parts)

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