How to Setup Hotmail ActiveSync on iPad device

Microsoft has provided steps for enabling Hotmail ActiveSync on iPad devices.

1. ON the Home Screen, tap Settings >“Mail, Contacts, Calendar” > “Add Account” > “Microsoft Exchange”
2. Enter the following in fields:

Email: your full Hotmail email address
Domain: Leave blank
Username: your full Hotmail email address
Password: your password
Description: Hotmail


SSL: Enabled
Certificate: Accept the SSL certificate when prompted
Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks: All can be enabled.

3. After finishing the configure, select the data to sync and tap on Save button.

iPad will connect to Hotmail ActiveSync and perform an initial sync for the selected data. You are able to push email, calendar, and contacts with Exchange ActiveSync now.

There are cookies that exist that are not part of the browser. Even if you do a clear cookies from your browser of choice, these cookies still persist. these are cookies managed by adobe flash.

In an article mentioned here, a bunch of companies are being sued because of Quantcast, who basically recreated cookies using the flash system so that they could track users interactions with some big named sites.

So how do we remove those “zombie” cookies? Adobe provides a help page, but the page looks like its a demo when in reality it is your browser’s flash that you are controlling. The page of note is the web privacy one. You can go here to check it out.

What you will want to do is just do a delete all websites to clear your flash cookie cache. now you are back to being an anonymous user.

Ever wonder what phone number you’re calling from? or if your in an office with multiple lines, what lines you’re using? or maybe you’re setting up the office and need to do some troubleshooting on the phone lines. MCI provides an awesome service which identifies what number you are calling, just call (800) 444-4444 to have MCI tell you what phone number it is. best thing? its free!

Mac users have always triumphed at the site of a blue screen of death (BSOD). It was a metaphorical f you to all those Windows users out there. Everyone knows that the bsod means that something horrendous has occurred with Windows, but what does it really mean?

Recently a friend received one. It seems to occur less frequently, maybe because Windows 7 is better at hiding them. haha. Regardless I was looking into them and usually they have some type of heading error, but in this case there was none and just a Stop. So I google’d for the specific .sys file and there was nothing and then I stumbled upon this site. It seems to give a good explanation for all the error codes.