Gmail Workflow

Is your gmail getting cluttered? are you nearing the upper echelon of capacity?

Some tips on getting rid of email

  1. Select a message from a sender that you consider to be “spam”
  2. Click More Actions > Filter messages like these
  3. Gmail now creates a nice preview of what kind of messages you have filtered. make sure that these are the ones you want to delete and click next step
  4. then select the delete it check box
  5. Make sure to also select the Also apply to xxx messages
  6. Create the filter, it will then go through and delete all the useless emails
  7. Now delete the filter so you can still receive these emails in the future
  8. Click on trash, which is under the your labels dropdown on the left
  9. Click Empty trash. thats it!

you should now have more valuable email space to store all sorts of goodness.

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